GP Editors Collaborate On A Riff Using BandLab

Michael Molenda and Matt Blackett deploy a new collaboration tool to devise a guitar riff.
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The folks at BandLab brought a very interesting, fun, and useful musical-collaboration app/software to Guitar Player Central, so Associate Editor Matt Blackett and I decided to give it a spin.

I had an idea for an intro riff on the way to the office one day, so I recorded it into my phone (after pulling off the road safely and parking, of course). Then, I used BandLab to present that idea to Matt so that he could expand it more fully — and in a much cooler way. You can see the results, and get a quick introduction to the whole BandLab universe in the video below.

I had a blast co-writing with BandLab. All composers who embrace collaboration should check out BandLab's features, its ease of use, its user community, and its cloud-based format that ensures all versions of your musical journey are saved and always available for review and further tinkering.