Furch Unveils Unique New Bevel Duo Feature

The Rainbow Gc-CC Grand Auditorium cutaway will be the first model to receive the ergonomic update.
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furch gp

Furch has unveiled a unique new feature that it's calling the Bevel Duo.

Now, normally we wouldn't report on a new, individual feature, but this one certainly piqued our interest. The crux of it is, rather than a single bevel, Furch guitars fitted with the Bevel Duo have two - one in front, at the forearm and one in the rear, at the rib position.

You can examine the look of the two bevels in the photos above and below. 

furch bevel duo top gp

The Bevel Duo was first featured on the Rainbow Gc-CC Grand Auditorium cutaway - made exclusively for the Women of Fingerstyle Guitar concert - and will come standard on all new Red Deluxe models.

It will also be available as a custom option for the entire Rainbow Series line.

For more info on the unique design, head on over to furchguitars.com.