Fralin Pickups Announces Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Vintage Hots Pickups

The commemorative hand-wound pickups are limited to just 30 sets and signed by Lindy Fralin.
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In 1989, Lindy Fralin designed the Vintage Hot Stratocaster Pickups to improve the tone of Vintage Stratocaster Bridge Pickups. Today, the Vintage Hot is still Fralin's #1 best-selling Strat Pickup set, and has been for 30 years.

To commemorate their 30th Anniversary, Fralin Pickups is offering Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Vintage Hots. Each pickup is hand-wound and signed by Lindy Fralin, and includes free shipping. Only 30 sets are available.


• Hand-wound by Lindy Fralin, featuring 42-Gauge USA-Made Formvar Wire
• Each Pickup is signed by Lindy Fralin
• Hand-Dipped lacquered bobbins for a vintage aesthetic
• RW/RP Middle for hum-cancelling in positions 2 & 4
• Vintage Magnet Stagger, featuring USA-Made Alnico 5 magnets
• White and Aged White pickup covers
• Wax potted to preserve pickup for years
• 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects

The street price of the Limited Edition Vintage Hots is $350.

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