First Look! Boss Waza Craft Compact Pedals

Guitar Player Editor in Chief Michael Molenda stomps on three new Boss Waza Craft pedals.
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After working with Boss to create the interactive book, Guitar Player Celebrates 100 BOSS Compact Pedals — in which we actually covered 104 effects boxes — I was really thrilled to get an exclusive sneak peek at the brand new #105, #106, and #107 during a private session at CenterStaging in Burbank, California, on July 11.

Even more exciting, it transpired the three new Waza Craft pedals are not part of the standard line, but instead represent another evolution in Boss pedal technology.

For starters, "Waza" is the Japanese term for art and technique, and the Waza symbol adorns every Waza Craft pedal. How the Waza concept is sealed into the special-edition stompboxes is a matter of honoring 47 years of Compact Pedal engineering and design, while simultaneously providing sounds and features desired by today's players.

This makes a little more sense when you break it down for the three new pedals...

The Waza Craft DM-2w analog delay, for example, brings back a classic pedal that hasn't been available since 1984. The DM-2w's Standard mode provides a near-exact creation of the sensual delay produced between 1981 and 1984—a favorite of Dave Grohl, Gary Moore, and the Cult's Billy Duffy. But the DM-2w also delivers an upgrade on the original recipe when you switch to Custom mode: double the delay time of 20ms-300ms (in Standard mode), and a slight tape-delay-style coloration in the repeats. Other modern features include an input for an optional expression pedal, and separate direct and effected outputs. Waza!

The Waza Craft SD-1w hot rods the Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive (produced 1981-present) with a revised circuit design, all-discrete analog components, and switchable Standard (same sound as that of the time-honored SD-1) and Custom (watch the video!) sound modes.

The Waza Craft BD-2w updates the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver (produced 1995-present) with all-discrete analog components and a revised circuit, and features Standard (same sound as the Blues Driver of then and now) and Custom (watch the video!) sound modes. 

But, enough talk...

Watch the Video and Hear the Waza Craft Crew in Action

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