Fender Teams Up with Reverb to Release Five Vintage Strats

The five near-mint Strats, taken straight from Fender's vaults, served as the template for some of the company's vintage-inspired lines.
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Fender is teaming up with Reverb.com to sell five vintage Strats from the company's vaults. 

Manufactured from 1954-1965, the five guitars served as a template for some of Fender's most popular vintage-inspired lines. Each of the five guitars has been "Certified Vintage," inspected and prepared by a Fender Custom Shop Master Builder.

Each of the guitars will carry a limited two-year warranty, during which any necessary service will be carried out by the Fender Custom Shop. These guitars will have the option of being hand delivered once a Fender Custom Shop Master Builder completes inspection and setup. 

The five guitars are as follows:

  • A rare 1954 Stratocaster, on which everything except the nut is completely original
  • A 1957 Strat from the Fullerton factory that has remained virtually "untouched," according to Fender
  • A 1965 Lake Placid Blue Strat that - aside from a rewound gray-bottom bobbin single-coil neck pickup - is completely original
  • A 1965 3-Color Sunburst Strat that's completely original, and from the period where Abigail Ybarra was winding Fender's pickups
  • A 1965 Candy Apple Red Strat that's one of the earliest examples of the finish sprayed over a gold undercoat, as opposed to the silver undercoats used in 1963 and 1964. 

The cheapest of the guitars, the ’65 Candy Apple Red Strat, is $33,000, though we'll admit that if vintage Strats are your thing, it doesn't get much better than this.

To view the whole shop, head on over to reverb.com.