Eminence and George Alessandro Re-Team to Produce 1964-Vintage Speaker

The Eminence/Alessandro GA-SC64 12" speaker brings you back to the sound of 1964.
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Following the successful collaborative effort on the Eric Johnson Signature EJ1250 guitar
speaker, Eminence Speaker and George Alessandro have teamed up once again to develop a 12" guitar speaker with vintage sounds circa 1964, the GA-SC64.

Well-balanced from top to bottom, the GA-SC64’s warm, dynamic character lends itself to vintage amps as well as modern-style gain and distortion. The traditional build materials offer warmth, dynamics, low note articulation and proper distorted harmonic content layering.

“The early 1960s was a time when things were simpler. Studios were recording with one or two analog tape tracks. Stereo records were high tech, and hum canceling pickups were still awaiting a patent,” says George Alessandro, president, Alessandro High-End Products. “The warm, full character of the GA-SC64 brings you back to those days when used in vintage amps. While many things have advanced in 50 years, the tone of 1964 still rings true with this unique guitar speaker.”

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