Does Every Amp Sound the Same? Put These Models to the Test | VIDEO

Decide for your self in this head-to-head match-up.
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Does every guitar amp sound the same?

That was the burning question for Ola Englund, guitarist with the Haunted and previously with Six Feet Under.

“Whenever I make a YouTube video where I record or demo an amplifier, or a piece of gear, I always get at least one comment saying that I make every amp sound the same,” Ola says.

“So is that the case here? Am I trolling everyone? We’re gonna find out in this video, Does every amp sound the same?”

For the video, Ola recorded his Washburn PX-Solar 16ETC guitar and re-amped it through a Randall Satan, a Randall RG1503, an EVH 5150 Stealth, a Hesu Bastard 50W, a Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+ and Mooer Blade Pedal. All the devices were run through his Hesu 2x12 cabinet and miked with a Shure SM57.

The fun starts when he begins to cycle through the tracks and you can hear the results of his test. He also recorded the devices with a room mic and plays those tracks as well.

Ola wraps things up by playing the tracks in combination with bass and drums before offering his observations.

Give it a look, and let us know what you think. When you’re done, visit Ola’s YouTube channel for more of his videos.