DLS Effects Announces RotoSPIN Rotary Effect Pedal | VIDEO

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The sound of a rotary speaker has been a favorite of many guitarists, including David Gilmour, George Harrison, Joe Walsh, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Danny Gatton, to name a few.

Now DLS Effects’ new RotoSPIN rotary effect pedal lets guitarists add the effect to their rigs without compromising tone or requiring heavy amps or cabinets.

The RotoSPIN achieves realistic rotary tones with controls that let you blend levels of Doppler, swirl, depth, chew and grind. Tweeter intensity and bass rotor level controls let musicians balance the high- and low-frequencies and dial in multiple rotary cabinet sounds as well as emulate mic distance. There’s also an overdrive switch to let you create the great sound of a Leslie when it’s running full out.

Features include:

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• Tweeter and Bass Rotor controls set horn rotation intensities, depth, cabinet sound & Mic distance.
• Fast and Slow knobs to set the speaker rotation speeds.
• Ramp knob sets the time to change between the Fast and Slow speeds.
• Switchable Overdrive section adds grind, edge and OD clipping like the old rotary tube amps.
• Use OutA (thicker), OUTB (brighter), or both for spacious DLS Stereo
• 9vdc power input using any polarity (USA transformer included)
• Small size and light weight: 3.7” x 4.7” x 1.7”H, and only weights 1.6 lbs.

RotoSPIN retails for $309, with an estimated street price of $259

For more information, visit DLSEffects.com