DigiTech Introduces the New Polara Reverb Pedal

Features seven inspirational Lexicon® reverbs.
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With its new, compact size and vacuum-style footswitch, the Polara offers independent Level, Liveliness, Decay and Type controls; Stereo Inputs and Outputs; a Soft Click Footswitch; and a Reverb Tails On/Off Toggle Switch. It is true bypass and uses a 9V DC power supply to easily integrate into your existing pedalboard.

The Polara’s seven flexible reverbs cover a full spectrum, from the intimate warmth of “Room”, to the vast expansiveness of “Hall”, through time with the cosmic power of “Reverse”, and anchored by Lexicon’s revered “Modulated”, “Plate” and “Spring” reverbs. In addition to those classics, the Polara introduces the new “Halo” reverb. The “Halo” reverb with cascading octaves interspersed in the reverb decays will cast a heavenly glow over your tone.

• StompLock™ - A unique new device that fits snugly over the Polara's control knobs to protect your finely-tuned settings from drops, bumps and kicks.

• Die cut Hook-and-loop Pedalboard Pad - A high-density mounting pad for stick and stay, semi-permanent mounting of the Polara on pedalboards. It is also easily

unmounted for pedalboard reconfiguration.

• Online Warranty Registration Information Card

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