Cusack Music Introduces New Resound Reverb Pedal

New DSP reverb pedal includes 8 programs and 8 presets.
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Cusack Music has unveiled its new Resound Reverb pedal. The Resound has eight reverb programs and eight user-programmable presets arranged in four banks of two. You can check out a demo video of the pedal above.

The Resound's features include:

• A large 10mm four-color center LED to indicate bank, plus Left and Right footswitch LEDs to indicate the preset selected within the bank

• Dual presets which allow for no loss transitions between two variants of the same program

• A live mode for quick programming, controls can also be adjusted in the Preset mode

• Two Parameter plus Decay controls, specific for each program

• Controls for Program, Mix, Level , Cascade and Trails

• An “Extend” footswitch to instantly maximize Decay knob setting during use

• Stereo outputs with a Wet/Dry choice for second output

• All controls (including chosen EP function) can save for each preset

• 9V powersupply only—no internal battery connection

The Resound Reverb is available now for a street price of $279.

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