On the heels of yesterday’s announcement of Guitar Center’s 2019 Crossroads guitar collection, Guitar Center has released a video of one of the lineup’s standout models, the Custom Shop Eric Clapton Blind Faith Telecaster by Todd Krause.

Over the course of the 10-minute video, Fender Custom Shop VP of Product Development Mike Lewis, Senior Master Builder Todd Krause and Clapton himself detail the new guitar’s development, including unraveling the knotted history of Clapton’s original modded 1964 example, which had a Stratocaster neck fitted onto a Telecaster Custom body.

“There’s a lot of myth around this guitar,” Lewis says of the Tele, which Clapton used primarily during his Blind Faith days. “We always wondered, What was it about? What was the story behind it?”

“What’s most obvious and most interesting about it is this was the neck off of his ‘Brownie,’ which he had put on to this Tele for [Blind Faith’s] Hyde Park concert back in 1969,” adds Krause.

Lewis and Krause go on to discuss how they went about dating and recreating the various parts of the guitar. Additionally, Lewis offers a demo of the neck and bridge pickup tones.

As for Clapton’s assessment of the final product?

“It’s very tasty,” he offers. “Yeah, that’s great!”