Boss Debuts New DD-3T and DD-8 Delay Pedals

The latest additions to Boss' long-running DD series of delay pedals have arrived.
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Boss DD-3T (left) and DD-8 pedals

Boss DD-3T (left) and DD-8 pedals

Boss has debuted its new DD-3T and DD-8 pedals, the latest additions to its long-running DD series of delay pedals.

The DD-3T features the same control layout - Mode, Time, Feedback and Effect - and delay time range - 12.5 to 800 ms - as its predecessor, the DD-3. This new pedal, however, features Tap Tempo, which allows users to create delay effects of up to 800 ms with their choice of three beat subdivisions. Users can also connect to an external footswitch.

Otherwise, the DD-3T's direct output jack has been moved next to the main output jack, while a Short Loop feature - which creates phrase loops - has also been added.

An upgraded version of Boss' DD-7 pedal, the DD-8 features tap tempo, an onboard looper offering up to 40 seconds of recording time and overdub capability, stereo ins and outs and support for external control with two footswitches or an expression pedal.

Most importantly though, are the pedal's 11 delay modes – analog, standard, tape, warm, reverse, +RV (digital delay with reverb), shimmer, mod, loop, warp (delay with expressive pedal control) and GLT - rhythmic delay featuring glitchy effects that can be adjusted with the pedal's feedback and time knobs.

Power-wise, both of the pedals run on a 9V battery or an AC adaptor. The DD-3T (~$150~) and DD-8 (~$175~) are both available now.

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