Boss Announces New Katana-Artist MkII Combo Amplifier

The latest Katana amp to get the MkII upgrade, the Katana-Artist MkII features more tonal options and effects, plus some nice core hardware upgrades.
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Boss Katana-Artist MkII

Boss Katana-Artist MkII

Boss has announced its new Katana-Artist MkII combo amplifier. 

The latest Katana amp to get the MkII upgrade, the Katana-Artist MkII features more tonal options and effects than its predecessor, plus some nice core hardware upgrades.

Powered by a 100-watt Waza 12-inch speaker, the amp is heavily influenced by the British stack speakers of the '60s. It features five effects categories (as opposed to its predecessor's three), five amp characters and 10 total tone options.

On the control panel, a three-way Contour switch shapes the core tone, while three selectable Global EQ settings allow guitarists to adjust their sound to suit different styles. A dedicated panel knob, for a solo boost function, is also included.

Users can also now run two Katana-Artist MkII amps together. Each amp can be configured with independent settings, then operated from a single GA-FC foot controller. 

Other features on the Katana-Artist MkII include eight Tone Setting memories, a power amp input for modelers and preamps, MIDI, stereo recording via USB and an effects loop.

The Boss Katana-Artist MkII combo amp will be available starting in February for $599.99.

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