Bare Knuckle Pickups Announces New Silo Humbucker

Designed for extended chord voicings and drop tunings, the pickup was created in collaboration with Rabea Massaad.
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Bare Knuckle Pickups has announced its new Silo humbucker.

A collaboration with longtime endorser Rabea Massaad, the Silo humbucker is designed to replicate "the ultimate in progressive rock guitar tone, from textural ambient soundscapes to saturated driven breakdowns." Its tonal specialties are said to include extended chord voicings and drop tunings.

It's built with twin screw coils, Alnico V magnets and a 44AWG wound bridge plus a 42AWG wound neck.

The Silo is available in six-, seven- and eight-string versions, with a number of humbucker finish options, including one with a custom "Bea" etch.

The Bare Knuckle Silo humbucker is available now for £139 (approx. $180) for an individual, with a set of two going for £265 (approx. $343).

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