Intro to Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7

Gretchen Menn details the improved, easy-to-use features of the latest version of this popular composition software
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As her recent masterwork Abandon All Hope brilliantly illustrates, Gretchen Menn is a total monster when it comes to arranging, composing, and transcribing scores. 

[Read about the album here.]

She's also the perfect tutor to guide you through the multi-featured benefits of Guitar Pro 7, because she knows precisely what guitarists and composers need to get the job done.

Guitar Pro 7 upgrades a number of features to make composing, practicing, and music notation seamless—such as a more user-friendly interface, simpler interfacing of your guitar, automatic tablature, virtual fretboard and keyboard, stereo sound, more onboard sounds, and a polyphonic tuner.

But let's allow Gretchen to tell the tale...

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