Accessory File: The Pic Stik

Dropping picks? Here's a cool accessory to help stop that.
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It's right there—peeking out from Brian May’s guitar strap on the cover of the October 2012 issue of Guitar Player. Yes, that’s a Pic Stik.

You’d think that having Queen’s legendary guitarist as a user—if not an official endorser— would have Pic Stik creator and president Rick Pia rolling in Aston Martins, but he’s still selling the ingenious device at NAMM shows and seeking wider distribution. Perhaps it’s a modest, yet essential idea that’s easy to dismiss, but it really works, and it works well.

The Pic Stik ($6.99 street) is made of Lexan, holds up to five picks, and clips to your guitar strap with smooth, tight clamps that won’t damage woven or leather materials. I viciously shook a Moody leather strap and a Buckle-Down Captain America nylon strap with the Pic Stik attached, and neither the Stik, nor any of my 1.25mm custom celluloid D’Addario picks were launched skyward. There’s also no problem grabbing a pick quickly if you drop one in the middle of a solo. A reasonably tight grip on the top edge of the pick is all that’s required to get the Pic Stik to release it. I never experienced a “misfire” where I reached for a pick and the Pic Stik kept it locked in its grasp.

The Pic Stik is another one of those “no brainer” accessories for those wanting to always have picks at the ready. It’s near invisible (two colors are available—black and clear), elegant, and practical.