Carvin Guitars Demos the Jason Becker JB24 "Numbers" Signature Model | VIDEO

The JB24 is a modern take on the original iconic Numbers guitar that Jason played
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Here’s a new video for Carvin Guitars’ Jason Becker JB24 “Numbers” Signature Model guitar. We’ve presented the JB24 before in a popular time-lapse video that shows an example of the instrument being created in just minutes. This, however, is the first demonstration video of the guitar that we’ve posted, and it’s definitely worth checking out too. The video has lots of background information about the guitar, making it extremely informative.

The JB24 is a modern take on the original iconic Numbers guitar that Jason played. VP Jeff Kiesel worked with Jason directly to create this for him and the fans.

These guitars feature an ash body, a bolt-on maple neck, a maple fretboard with 24 frets, acrylic number inlays, stainless medium–jumbo frets, Original Floyd Rose bridge and locking nut, pointed headstock with ash overlay, a multicolored Carvin logo, Seymour Duncan pickups in all three positions with Jason's Perpetual Burn signature bridge pickup, and a tung-oil finish.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of each JB24 guitar go to help Jason and his family deal with the high cost of his medical care for ALS. The guitars are proudly made in Carvin Guitars’ Southern California Custom Shop and backed by the company’s five-year warranty.

For more information and to order worldwide (except Japan, China, Korea and Thailand), visit Carvin Guitars.