Lee Oskar Teaches Harmonica Playing for Guitarists

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Lee Oskar is the founding member and former lead harmonica player for the pioneer funk/jazz group, WAR. His Lee Oskar Harmonica QuickGuide system features Lee Oskar signature harmonicas in different tunings, supported by a step-by-step educational website, LeeOskarQuickGuide.com, which offers video instruction and other easy-to-follow support tools to help master harmonica playing.

Check it out and see how this system can open up new avenues for your guitar playing!

Playing Harmonica with Guitar Series
1 - Major Diatonic

The Major Diatonic Harmonica is the standard harmonica tuning used for playing Blues, Folk, Rock, Pop and Country music. This Guitar Player Magazine Series focuses on tips and tricks for playing harmonica with guitar. Demonstration by Randy McQuay. For more info please visit LeeOskarQuickGuide.com.

Lee Oskar Harmonicas are available in many different keys. Check out all of the different genres that can be played based upon which harmonica tuning is used:

Standard Tuning—Lee Oskar Harmonicas Major Diatonic
• Folk
• Blues
• Rock
• Pop

Altered Tunings
1. Lee Oskar Harmonicas “Melody Maker TM”
• R & B
• Country
• Reggae
• Pop
• Jazz
• Latin
• Afro
• Ska Music

2. Lee Oskar Harmonicas Natural Minor
• Latin
• Reggae
• Hip-Hop
• minor Blues or Rock
• Ska
• Funk
• R & B

3. Lee Oskar Harmonicas Harmonic Minor
• Gypsy
• Yiddish
• Eastern European
• Asian
• Tango
• Reggae