June 1, 2010

0.0000.fryetteMCTHE NEW MEMPHIS 30 1X12 COMBO FROM FRYETTE AMPLIFICATION HAS ARRIVED! The Memphis 30 is an innovative blend of modern technology and time honored sonic values. The first amplifier of the all new Memphis series represents a new generation of Fryette Amplification.

Feature packed, yet simple and intuitive to operate, the Memphis 30 produces an astonishing array of classic and modern textures. Four selected preamp tubes are accessible through a removable hatch on the brushed stainless steel front panel for your experimentation.

Incorporating proprietary SFD design technology, top notch components, precision engineered transformers and legendary Fryette build quality, the Memphis 30 is absolutely without peer in the guitar amplifier industry.

    Two independent channels with separate tone controls
    Three-Position PRE EQ VOICING switch for each channel allowing custom tailored tone shaping
    Foot Switchable Boost
    Tube Driven Three Spring Reverb
    Series/Parallel Variable Foot Switchable Effects Loop
    Compensated Line/Recording Output
    One 16 ohm output jack for connection to a 16 ohm cabinet and two parallel jacks with a two position 8/4 ohm selector switch
    Oversized Birch Cabinet
    Elephant Hide Charcoal Vinyl Covering
    12” Proprietary Speaker by Eminence
    POWER SHIFT feature, a single mini toggle switch on each channel enables channel assignable 30W/18W output power selection 
    MSRP: $2200 MAP: $1649.00

    Output power: 30 Watts RMS max - 18 Watts RMS, lower power mode
    Size: 23½ W x 19½ H x 10½ D
    Weight: 52 pounds

Tube complement:
    1-12AX7 Tung-Sol (Russia)
    4-12AX7AC (China Selected)
    4-Premium Matched Sovtek EL84 Power Tubes

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