Home Studio Gear: 6 New Toys

June 4, 2013

Here are some of the latest home studio-oriented products that can help you work smarter and make hip sounds.

Acoustica Mixcraft 6
Most everyone is into video these days, and Mixcraft 6 ($74 street)— which won a 2013 Editors’ Choice Award from Electronic Musician, and a KeyBuy Award from Keyboard— seamlessly integrates video editing with multitrack audio recording. Includes 6,500 music loops and sound effects.


 Hosa Beatport Flex USB Cable
These flex-jack, neon-green USB cables can fit into peripherals crammed into crowded spaces ($4.95 street for 3’; $14.95 for 10’). hosatech.com

Line 6 JTV-89F and POD HD500
The new James Tyler Variax ($1,499 street) is loaded with 29 guitar models, and integrates seamlessly with the HD500’s 27 amp models ($499 street) to instantly call up your favorite guitar and amp presets. Audition a ton of guitar and amp tones without moving from your monitoring sweet spot.

On-Stage Stands TCM 9150
This handy, leatherette tablet case and mounting system ($39 street) attaches an iPad to a mic stand for easy viewing and operation. onstagestands.com


Radial Gold Digger Mic Selector

Finding the best mic for the job is a breeze when the Gold Digger ($349 street) lets you compare four different mics with just the click of a button. radialeng.com


Samson Resolv SE5
The active Resolv SE5 ($149 street) offers the petite footprint of a 5" woofer, 70 watts of power, AV shielding, and the ability to tailor high-frequency response to your listening environment. samsontech.com

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