Seymour Duncan Updates the Pickup Booster Pedal

August 26, 2014
The highly sought after Pickup Booster pedal returns with the same great tone but a few extra twists and a new look. With its class A, low-noise circuit design the Pickup Booster can boost your signal and emphasize your guitar's natural sound while adding some muscle and fatness. The Resonance Switch makes the pedal interact directly with your pickups, allowing those with single-coils to flip a switch for a vintage humbucker sound that's perfect for classic rock or blues, or switch again for high-output humbucker tones.

Compared to the original Pickup Booster the Gain control can now be turned down to unity (0dB), and we also added a discrete push-pull output stage that gives you increased drive capability. So even with the Gain knob down at 0dB and a long cable length, your signal chain will sound cleaner. Like the Dirty Deed, Vapor Trail and 805 Overdrive, each Pickup Booster is assembled in Santa Barbara, California and is True-Bypass.

Hear the Pickup Booster in action here:
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