Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet

October 1, 2009

GJ7T0352.jpg“UBERSCHALL” IS GERMAN FOR “SUPER-SONIC”, AND THIS BOGNER MODEL FROM A FEW YEARS BACK forms the basis for the new Twin Jet—a name that harks to its twin channels and independent tone controls. There are no voicing switches on the Twin Jet, though it does have a set of global Depth, Presence, and Volume controls. Also, the Jet’s send-level control doubles as a variable volume boost when no effects are connected in the loop. In this mode, you switch the effects loop off to get your boost, which, although slightly counter-intuitive, is an effective way to use the tube circuitry to instantly punch up the volume of a solo or rhythm part. A 2-button footcontroller is included, which connects to a pair of jacks on the rear panel—one for channel selection and the other for loop activation. Cosmetically, the Twin Jet looks splendid in its white covering, although corner protectors should be installed to prevent the seams from splitting apart. The narrow windows on the front panel feature fiber-optic backlighting to indicate which channel is selected and to make it easy to see the control labels in dim light.

The Twin Jet also varies from the original Uberschall in that its Clean channel has been revoiced to deliver higher-gain sounds and the output stage has been beefed up with KT88 tubes to increase power, headroom, and tightness. According to Bogner, the matching 4x12 “Uberkab” has also been redesigned to deliver “a more in-your-face sound and enhanced note definition.” So it’s not highly surprising that the Twin Jet is an aggressive sounding animal with some serious attitude. The Clean channel has lots of overdrive potential and great dynamic response—if you’re the type who likes to ride a guitar’s volume knob to go from gritty rhythm textures to scorching lead tones, you might find yourself doing a lot of playing (or at least the first set) on this channel alone. There’s also a feeling of monstrous reserve power in the Twin Jet, which is certainly a boon for players who like their amp’s core tone to stay firm and focused no matter how hard they pummel its front end with pedals. Switching to the Dirty channel brings on a torrent of distortion while keeping a similar backbone of tightness, focus, and presence. The Treble control is fully useful here as you can turn it way down to elicit fuzzier textures without losing detail. The grind potential of this channel is unreal, and even settings of one half on the Gain control yield tons of sustain and touch-responsive feedback. The wicked sounding Uberschall Twin Jet is a sick amp for hard-rock and metal—quite possibly the baddest Bogner yet—and while its über demeanor will likely endear it to some players more than others, this is an amp you’ll want to try just to say you did. —Art Thompson


Bogner Amplification
(818) 765-8929
MODEL Uberschall Twin Jet
PRICE $2,850 retail/ Street price N/A
CONTROLS (Clean channel) Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence. (Dirty channel) Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence. Master Depth, Presence, Volume.
POWER 150 watts
TUBES Four Sovtek KT88s, six Chinese-made 12AX7s
EXTRAS Effects loop w/send level control and mute switch, two footcontroller jacks w/select switch (footswitch included), dual speaker jacks w/impedance selector (4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω), line out jack. Biasing test points.
SPEAKER Bogner Uberkab 4x12 w/two CelestionV30s and two Celestion G12T75s
WEIGHT 53 lbs (head)
KUDOS Intense distortion. Loud and wicked sounding. Sweet look.
CONCERNS Covering looks like it could peel easily at the corners.

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