Phil Everly on Starting Everly Strings

July 17, 2013
“Both of my sons were musicians, so I thought it would be a real good thing if they had a business to fall back on. It’s not an easy job being a guitar player. I’ve always had an interest in how things were made, and I felt that guitar strings could be improved upon with more modern machinery. At the time, a lot of companies were outsourcing everything, and the majority of strings were being made by one company. I thought there was room for us.
“As far as actually making the strings, well, it’s about taking a modern approach, and also it’s like making the best kind of cookies. You just have the best sugar, the best flour, the best chocolate, and on and on and on. If you get the best, something is going to work out. Secondly, there are other formulas for making strings, too. Jason [Everly] became an expert at it.  I just sort of said my expertise was the money I had [laughs].

“I came up with the Everly star picks because I used Moshay picks with the circle cut into them on the road for years. But those picks would often turn in your fingers, so I though about increasing the grip, and the inspiration was the star inlays on the Gibson Everly model. More edges, more grip. I made the first one myself out of a plastic milk carton. Then, I had a prototype made, and I think that one was made out of a milk cartoon, too, but I got charged $1,000 for it. It was kind of funny.

“My son Jason runs everything now. He’ll come up with products and we’ll talk about them, but the final decisions are his. I just sort of stand around feeling proud.”
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