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J. Rockett Effects Pedals Now Better Than Half Price in Sweetwater’s Incredible Black Friday Deal

J. Rocket effects pedals
(Image credit: Sweetwater/J. Rockett)

Sweetwater have cut the price of several J. Rockett Audio Designs effects pedals down to $59 in this amazing Black Friday deal (opens in new tab). These high-quality stompboxes are normally priced at $119 – that’s a massive reduction $60!

The J. Rockett Touch Overdrive (opens in new tab), J. Rockett Immortal Echo (opens in new tab), J. Rockett Squeegee Compressor (opens in new tab), and J. Rockett Steampunk Boost/Buffer (opens in new tab) are now available at an incredible price of just $59.

J. Rockett Audio Designs was founded by session musicians Chris Van Tassel and Jay Rockett around 15 years ago with the aim of building products that met their own expectations about what high-quality gear should sound like.

The four pedals on offer here (opens in new tab) are typical of the high-quality J. Rockett’s customers have come to expect in recent years.

J. Rockett Effects Pedals: $119.00, Now $59 (opens in new tab)
Get an instant saving of $60 on J. Rockett Audio Designs effects pedals in Sweetwater’s better than half price Black Friday deal. In this awesome money-saving offer you can pick up the Touch Overdrive moderate-gain pedal; the Steampunk Boost/Buffer; the Squeegee Compressor; and the Immortal Echo delay for just $59 each. These boutique-designed stompboxes come in tough steel enclosures and feature a super durable finish.

The Touch Overdrive (opens in new tab) is a moderate-gain overdrive unit that responds dynamically to the player’s touch. This dirt box also cleans up nicely using the guitar’s volume control, allowing you to explore all those great shades of tone from 10 downwards.

The Steampunk Boost/Buffer (opens in new tab) pedal is a straightforward booster that allows you to kick up your guitar signal with a 20dB push without compromising definition and clarity. Great for pushing the front end of an amp into natural breakup, a volume jump for solos, or driving the signal on pedalboards.

The Squeegee Compressor (opens in new tab) can be used in a subtle way for natural-sounding transparent compression in order to balance the guitar sound or in more obvious ways for the kind of spongy clean tone heard on classics such as “Sultans of Swing” and “Sweet Home Alabama.”

The Immortal Echo (opens in new tab) pedal provides up to a substantial 680 milliseconds of analog-style delay time, meaning you can dial in all those classic sounds from retro slapback to long, spacious repeats. Courtesy of the Mix knob players can also adjust the wet/dry balance.

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