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Get $40 Off a Hughes & Kettner 25-Watt Nano Amp Before Black Friday

Hughes & Kettner 25-Watt Nano Amp
(Image credit: Sweetwater)

At Sweetwater now you can get $40 off a Hughes & Kettner 25-watt Nano amp (opens in new tab) in this pre-Black Friday deal.

Measuring a diminutive 7.4 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches (w/h/d) these tube-style guitar amplifiers are small enough to fit into a gig bag.

Weighing less than 2.5 pounds these cool rock ‘n’ roll gadgets are available here in three distinct flavors: Spirit of Vintage (opens in new tab), Spirit of Rock (opens in new tab), and Spirit of Metal (opens in new tab) – all rated at an impressive 25 watts.

Though a handy headphone output has been included, with speaker outputs ranging from 4 to 16 ohms you can actually power a fully-sized 4x12 cabinet with one of these giant killers!

Hughes & Kettner Nano Amps: $40 Off (opens in new tab)
Sweetwater have lowered the price on their range of Hughes & Kettner 25-watt Nano amps down to $199 in this Black Friday-worthy deal – meaning you can make an instant saving of $40. These awesome little gadgets are small enough to fit into a gig bag and come in three different variations evoking the Spirit of Vintage (pictured), the Spirit of Rock, and the Spirit of Metal.

From psychedelic cleans to blues-breaking crunch, the Spirit of Vintage (opens in new tab) (pictured) delivers the full gamut of Woodstock-era tones without digitizing your signal. And how does it achieve this? It’s called the bionic Spirit Tone Generator, and it actually mimics a tube amp’s topology via analog components.

From ripping leads to edgy riffs, the Spirit of Metal (opens in new tab) delivers classic and modern metal tones. Tubes get all the glory, but every component in a tube amplifier plays a huge role in the final sound, and the Spirit of Metal's Spirit Tone Generator deploys the components that are necessary to re-create the sound of a raging metal amp.

And from thunderous riffs to soaring solos, the Spirit of Rock (opens in new tab) delivers everything from classic British crunch to the coveted brown sound. 

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