Strum Your Way To Summer Bliss With A Massive 20% Off Select Fender Ukuleles

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As we move into the heady days of summer, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your family and friends together and enjoy the warm evenings together. It’s also the opportune moment to show off your skills and with a massive 20% off ukuleles in the Fender Days sale, it doesn’t have to cost you a bomb either.

Whilst Fender isn’t well known for their ukuleles, we’ve had our mitts on a few of them and they’re every bit as good as their better-known electric guitar brethren. Whether you prefer a traditional tenor shape, or you want to catch some compliments with the Fullerton Strat or Tele options, this sale is the perfect way to amp up your summer.

Fender Days: 20% off select ukuleles

Fender Days: 20% off select ukuleles
With up to 20% off select ukuleles, the Fender Days sale is the perfect way to add to your instrument collection this summer. Perfect for sitting around the barbeque or campfire, these ukes are only available whilst stocks last so you’ll need to move quickly to get your hands on one of these deals.

We’ve had a look at what’s on offer at the moment and a standout for us is the Fender Dhani Harrison Ukulele. It’s currently down to just $231.99 with 20% off the regular price and is a fantastic playing instrument with built-in electronics making it gig ready. We gave it four and a half stars out of five in our review, praising it for its great plugged-in sound and excellent playability.

If you’re looking for a cheap runaround, or you’re just getting started with the instrument, the Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele is unbelievable value for money with a 20% reduction taking the price down to just $75.99. The small dimensions make it great for younger players too, allowing easy access to those big first steps of learning chords and riffs.

Finally, we just had to highlight the super cool Fender Fullerton Tele Uke in Butterscotch Blonde, which takes all the attitude of Fender’s original solid body guitar and condenses it down to a smaller size. With a healthy discount, it’s now even better value for money at just $175.99. It’s super fun to play and is sure to get the conversation flowing as well as win admiring looks from other guitar players. 

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