Boss Unveils Its “Most Advanced ME Model to Date” – the ME-90 Guitar Multiple Effects

Boss ME-90 Guitar Multiple Effects
(Image credit: Boss)

Boss has unveiled the latest addition to its decades-old ME multi-effects range. Touted as “the most advanced ME model to date,” the new ME-90 Guitar Multiple Effects offers 24-bit AD/DA and 32-bit floating point processing along with Boss's AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) technology.

These impressive tube amp-style models are derived from Boss’s flagship GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor, as are the ME-90’s expansive choice of effects. Comprising seven distinct sections – namely, Preamp, EQ/FX2, Reverb, Comp/FX1, OD/DS, Mod and Delay – the unit allows guitarists to store their favorite settings across 36 patches using an intuitive, hands-on interface that is reminiscent of a pedalboard.

The ME-90 boasts eleven Preamp selections augmented by standard guitar amp knobs (gain, treble, middle, bass and level). A variety of amp sounds from clean to heavily saturated can be selected along with classic Vox-, Marshall-, and Fender-style tones.

There are 60 effect types in total, and Boss says users are able to access over 20 more using their Tone Studio software (available for macOS and Windows).

Reverbs range from Room to Hall to Spring, while the OD/DS (overdrive/distortion) palette includes some familiar Boss dirtbox favorites like Blues OD, Distortion and Turbo DS in addition to classics such as T-Scream, Rat DS and Muff Fuzz.

Elsewhere, Boss has leaned further into its rich legacy of guitar effects with the Slow Gear, T. Wah Up, and Octave in the Comp/FX1 section (also contains a Compressor). Mod (modulation) effects include Vibrato, Chorus, Tremolo, Flanger and Phaser while the Delay section is adequately loaded with choices such as Reverse, Tape and Tera Echo.

Foot switches provide a variety of functions across two modes, Manual and Memory. The mode can be selected using the switch positioned in the upper row on the far right (this switch also activates the ME-90’s handy tuner function when held down).

In Manual mode, foot switches can be used to turn the effects (COMP, OD/DS, MOD, DELAY, AMP, EQ, and REV) on and off, much like you would when using individual stompboxes on a pedalboard.

In Memory mode, users can move up and down banks while selecting patches (four per bank). Additionally in this mode, a foot switch labelled CTL allows multiple effects to be turned on and off simultaneously. CTL can also be set to instantly switch the value of a specified parameter.

Priced $349.99, the Boss ME-90 is available now.

Visit Boss for more information.

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