Andrew Watt Joins Forces With Guitar Center for Guitar-a-Thon 2022

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With close to 300 stores across the country, Guitar Center has long been a trusted retailer of guitar gear in the U.S.

Serving America for over half a century, the firm has helped countless musicians do what they love doing the most.

In recent times, Guitar Center’s Guitar-A-Thon has become one of the most exciting sales in the music retail world. Running from now until October 26, musicians can expect to find some of the best bargains around.

For example, check out these incredible deals where you can get up to $230 off Fender Player Series Stratocasters.


(Image credit: Guitar Center)

As well as special offers on Fender gear, you will also be able to find a host of bargains from top brands such as Gibson, Martin, PRS, Taylor, Washburn, D’Addario, Breedlove, EVH, Epiphone, Gretsch, Music Man, D'Angelico, Schecter, ESP and more.

Fender Strat in Ltd Ed Surf Pearl: $170 OFF

Fender Strat in Ltd Ed Surf Pearl: $170 OFF
This Fender Player Series Stratocaster sports a super cool limited-edition Surf Pearl finish while a 'mint green' pickguard and maple fingerboard give it a distinctly old school vibe. This classic Fender design features three standard Stratocaster pickups augmented by a five-way selector switch, delivering a broad range of well-defined tonal options from strident cut to vibrant warmth.

Partnering with Guitar Center for this Fall’s Guitar-A-Thon is the Grammy-winning guitarist and producer Andrew Watt.

In our recent feature with Watt, the master collaborator picked five definitive tracks from his prolific career that has seen him work alongside the likes of Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Miley Cyrus, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa and Ozzy Osbourne.

More recently, Watt produced all of Eddie Vedder’s 2022 solo LP, Earthling.

Featuring co-writers Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer, Watt also performed on the album before joining the Pearl Jam frontman on tour as part of his all-star side project, The Earthlings.

Andrew Watt, 2019

Andrew Watt on stage in 2019 with Ozzy (Image credit: Kevin Winter/AMA2019/Getty Images for dcp)

As the face of this year’s Guitar-A-Thon, Watt will be featured in the retailer’s television spots and video interviews.

In Guitar Center’s exclusive interview, he gives fellow music makers some insight into his workflow and reflects upon how playing guitar informs his production techniques.

Artists and musicians inspired by him can find a variety of gear and products to produce new music at Guitar Center

Rich Hoalst, Guitar Center

“Artists like Andrew Watt continue to redefine the music industry,” said Rich Hoalst, Executive Vice President & Chief Customer Officer at Guitar Center.

“From his recognition and skills as a producer and songwriter, to his love for playing and collecting guitars, Andrew proves that creating music is so much more than just playing an instrument.

"Artists and musicians inspired by him can find a variety of gear and products to produce new music at Guitar Center with a variety of price points and features, allowing them to get hands-on with the materials and tools they need to springboard their creativity.”

Click here to visit Guitar Center now and take a look at what they are calling “the greatest guitar event on Earth.”

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