Acoustic Amplification’s New Gamma Series G25 and G50 Combos Have Huge Bang for Your Buck

Gamma G50
(Image credit: Guitar Center/Acoustic Amplification)

Beginner or pro, if you’re looking for a small, versatile combo amp that doesn’t break the bank then you may like to check out the new $139 G25 and $199 G50 guitar amps from Acoustic Amplification’s new Gamma series.

Rated at 25 watts and 50 watts, respectively, the all-analog Gamma G25 and G50 both feature twin channels for an expanded range of available tone (toggled via an optional footswitch or a button located on the front panel.)

While channel 1 (the “blue channel”) provides the kind of clean, responsive ‘blank canvas’ sound so often required for use with pedalboards, channel 2 features a selection of 4 different voices including Clean, Blues, Rock and Metal and is further augmented by a Drive control.

Though separate Volume controls have been included, both channels share the same EQ array comprising Bass, Mid and Treble knobs.

Whether practicing, writing, or recording these gig-worthy combos are both powerful and portable.

Weighing in at around 18 lbs, the Gamma G25 is some 7 lbs lighter than the G50 and measures a little under 3 inches less in width. This is due to its smaller 1x10-inch speaker configuration vis-à-vis the 1x12-inch layout of its beefier counterpart.

The G25 and G50’s custom-designed True Blue speakers are the Gamma amps' most obvious USP.

Boasting large magnets for maximum headroom and efficiency these drivers provide enhanced clarity, projection and response.

Aside from a regular input jack, the front panel of the new Gamma amps also houses a convenient line-level auxiliary input for hooking up external equipment. A headphone output has also been included.

Alternatively, you can always go cable free and take advantage of the G25 and G50’s simple Bluetooth funtion.

To hear the G50 in action, check out Lady Gaga and Rihanna guitarist Tim Stewart’s demo here…

For more information head on over to Acoustic Amplification.

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