Save Big On Vintage-Inspired Guitars with a Massive 20% Discount on Fender Vintera Series Guitars

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If you love the vibe of a vintage guitar but prefer the playability of their modern equivalent, then you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a huge discount on the Fender Vintera series guitars at the moment. With 20% off an excellent range of 50s, 60s, and 70s-inspired guitars, their blend of vintage looks and appointments with modern electronics and playability makes them an excellent choice for any kind of guitar player. 

Fender Vintera: Get 20% off

Fender Vintera: Get 20% off
With a wide range of Fender classics like the Strat, Tele, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, and more, the Fender Vintera series takes the iconic look of vintage guitars and updates them with more modern appointments to aid playability and sound. There’s a huge 20% discount on a range of Vintera guitars at the Fender store at the moment but move quickly because they’re only available while supplies last.

We’ve had a little look through the sale and picked out some of our top choices for you, starting with the Fender Vintera 60s Jaguar in Ocean Turquoise which looks particularly stunning. If the looks alone don’t knock your socks off, a reduction of $250 might just seal the deal. It’s got that classic lead/rhythm circuit too, allowing you to dial in two separate tones and switch between them on the fly.

The Fender Vintera 60s Telecaster caught our eye too, thanks to the addition of a Bigsby and period-correct 7.25~ radius fingerboard. It’s a classic Tele guitar but the vibrato takes it up a level, giving you that smooth-sounding wobble that’s perfect for chords or accentuating individual notes. It’s below a grand too, with a 20% discount taking its price down to just $959.99.

Finally, we had to go for another classic in the Fender Vintera 60s Stratocaster. This guitar is pretty much all period-correct, with a six-point tremolo, vintage-radius fretboard, and 60s voiced single coil pickups. If you’re after a classic Strat you’ll find it hard to do better than this, especially as it’s now reduced to $879.99 in the Fender Vintera sale

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