Trace Bundy Shows How Capo Moves Are Really Done | VIDEO


You may have heard recently about Henry Gallagher. He’s the 12-year-old Britain’s Got Talent contestant who moved his capo while performing on the show and caused a minor furor.

Why, you ask? In the edited video shown on the program, the actual capo move is never shown. Instead, it appears as if Henry’s capo magically jumped from one fret to another. When viewers compared video segments from before and after the move, they noticed the capo had changed position and concluded it could have happened only by the producers giving the youngster a second chance at performing, then editing the two performances into one.

A typical response from the Twitter gallery:

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Duped again! Oh, the humanity!

One presumes the drama was quelled when the producers released the unedited video, which clearly shows Henry adeptly moving his capo—admittedly not a difficult maneuver, but one that he performed smoothly and professionally. Bravo, young lad!

The incident reminded me of a guitarist who truly is a master of the capo, Trace Bundy. Known to fans as “the acoustic ninja,” Bundy is an ace two-handed finger tapper, but he’s also known for using multiple capos, which he adds, moves and removes in the course of performance.

Trace shot the videos below for Guitar Player, and in them he gives us a first-hand up-close view of his skills in action. Take a look. And when you’re done, be sure to visit his web site to check out his music, videos and more.