Zoom Announces New G6 Amp Modeler, Multi-Effects Unit

Zoom's new G6 amp modeler and multi-effects unit
(Image credit: Zoom)

Zoom has unveiled its latest multi-effects pedal and amp modeler, the G6. 

To start with, the super-impressive floor-based processor is loaded with 135 effects, 68 rhythm patterns, and an "infinite looper," which features storage for up to 256 loops and a maximum loop length of 45 seconds without an SD card, and a whopping two hours with an SD card.

On the amp modeling end, there are a host of new additions for fans of every tonal and stylistic era, with accompanying cab emulation aboard for each modeled amp. There are 70 pre-loaded impulse responses, though users can import up to 100 more of their own.

There are four "Play Modes" in total – Looper, Memory, Bank/Patch, and Effects Board – and 240 patches, including 100 presets. 

Zoom's new G6 amp modeler and multi-effects unit

(Image credit: Zoom)

Visually, the G6's stomp effects are color-coded, while its 4.3” color touchscreen also scores ease-of-use points. 

The pedal also functions as a two-in/two-out USB audio interface, and is compatible with Zoom’s Guitar Lab software for patch management and updates, and Zoom's Handy Guitar Lab app, via Bluetooth.

The Zoom G6 multi-effects pedal and amp modeler is available now for the eyebrow-raisingly low price of $399.

For more info on the pedal, stop by zoomcorp.com.

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