LAVA MUSIC Unveils Ultralightweight BLUE LAVA Original Travel Guitar

BLUE LAVA Original
(Image credit: LAVA MUSIC)

LAVA MUSIC has expanded its line of high-tech axes yet again with the BLUE LAVA Original travel guitar.

Weighing in at a feather-light 3.75lb, the new model measures 36 inches in length and is supplied with a water-resistant polyester carry bag.

Appearing in a two-tone Walnut/Frost White finish and constructed using a specially developed splash-resistant HPL (high pressure laminate) material, the BLUE LAVA Original has been designed with the outdoors in mind.

Remaining stable despite fluctuations in ambient temperature and humidity, this handy travel guitar is built for guitarists on the go.

BLUE LAVA Original

(Image credit: LAVA MUSIC)

The BLUE LAVA Original is made using LAVA MUSIC’s renowned 4-MASS design – a parametric technology that allows the guitar’s top, body, neck and internal air to resonate harmoniously, providing maximum depth and clarity of tone.

While an acoustic version is available to order now at just $379, the $479 FreeBoost BLUE LAVA Original acoustic-electric utilizes LAVA MUSIC’s trademark L2 Preamp and FreeBoost technology.

FreeBoost technology effectively uses the instrument’s back as a speaker, meaning the L2 Preamp can boost sounds without the need to plug into an amp.

Additionally, the L2 Preamp offers onboard effects including chorus, delay, and reverb, so players can further shape their tone at the touch of a button, wherever they are.

BLUE LAVA Original

(Image credit: LAVA MUSIC)

The BLUE LAVA Original’s 2.3mm string height provides comfortable action and an easy playing feel – perfect for beginners and advanced players alike.

Meanwhile, the instrument’s ergonomic neck profile and thin heel supports effortless fretting all the way up to the body.

Should players wish to adjust action and intonation, a magnetic truss rod cover allows easy access for tweaking the neck to perfection.

Visit LAVA MUSIC for more information.

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