Kramer Announces New Striker Collection as “Speed Demons With Looks That Kill”

Kramer Striker
(Image credit: Kramer)

Launched in 1976, Kramer guitars are well-regarded by hard rock and metal virtuosos for their standout looks, sound and feel.

Played by the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Vivian Campbell, Richie Sambora, Elliot Easton, and Mick Mars, Kramer electric guitars are an icon of the 1980s metal era.

Offering a broad range of instruments from entry level to pro, Kramer are continuing their legacy with the release of the new Striker collection.

All of the new Kramer Strikers are fitted with a K-Speed SlimTaper C satin-finished maple neck for that lightning fast feel.

Kramer Striker

(Image credit: Kramer)

Forming part of Kramer’s Modern Collection, the new $349 Striker guitars appear in a choice of three different configurations: the Striker HSS (Floyd Rose Special); the Striker Figured HSS (Floyd Rose Special); and the Striker Figured HSS (Stop Tail.)

Available in right- and left-handed formats, the Striker HSS comes in a choice of three finishes: Majestic Purple, Jumper Red and Ebony.

This collection is 100 per cent Kramer, delivering fast, heavy, and loud guitars

Andrew Ladner, Kramer Brand Manager

Boasting a Floyd Rose locking vibrato, the Striker HSS features a trio of Alnico 5 pickups, comprising a zebra-coil bridge ‘bucker along with two single coils.

In right-handed format only are the new Striker Figured HSS guitars. Sporting the same pickup confirmation as the Striker HSS, two distinct models appear with either a Floyd Rose vibrato or Stop Bar tailpiece.

Both come in a choice of two finishes: Wild Ivy and Transparent Red for the Floyd Rose-equipped Striker Figured HSS guitar, and Transparent Ebony and Transparent Purple for the Stop Bar variant.

Kramer Striker

(Image credit: Kramer)

"We are excited to bring back the classic Strikers, but with a modern twist,” said Brand Manager of Kramer and Epiphone at Gibson Brands, Andrew Ladner.

“This collection is 100 per cent Kramer, delivering fast, heavy, and loud guitars to fans for over 40 years.

“These Strikers, living in Kramer's Modern Collection, cover the demands of a wide range of players including Floyd Rose fans, those who need a diverse assortment of pickups, and AAA maple figured lovers.

“And, if you are left-handed, we’ve got you covered.

“Striking again, is what Kramer does best."

Visit the Kramer website for more information.

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