IK Multimedia Promises New AI Machine Modeling is “Indistinguishable from the Real Thing”

IK Multimedia AI Machine Modeling
(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

IK Multimedia are trailblazers in the digital realm of guitar amp and effects modeling.

First appearing 20 years ago, the Italian firm's award-winning AmpliTube software pioneered guitar-centric plugins, while last year saw the introduction of the highly acclaimed AmpliTube X-GEAR stompboxes.

Building on their legacy as industry leaders, IK Multimedia have today announced their latest technological breakthrough: AI Machine Modeling.

Utilizing artificial intelligence to capture a rig's unique tone, electric guitar players will be able to accurately model the sound of any amp, cab or gain pedal within minutes.

IK Multimedia says the results are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

IK Multimedia AI Machine Modeling

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

Using IK Multimedia’s AI Machine Modeling requires minimal equipment.

Standard home studio gear including a microphone and reamplification box hooked up to the audio interface of a computer will suffice.

By routing a bespoke-designed capture track through an amp/cab/combo/pedal into the AI Machine Modeling software alongside a dry DI track, a unique algorithm is generated based on the differences between the two.

IK Multimedia call this super-realistic software clone of your chosen rig a Tone Model.

The AI Machine Modeling’s Tone Models are said to be able to reproduce every nuance of a guitar amplifier or pedal in precise detail.

Though they can be tricky to simulate given their dynamic feel and harmonic complexity, the algorithm seeks to replicate gain pedals – including fuzz, overdrive and distortion – with astounding realism.

Furthermore, according to IK Multimedia’s press release, their AI Machine Modeling technology is so advanced that it can model an amp and cabinet together before separating the two in order to audition further cab combinations.

Visit IK Multimedia for more information.

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