Fender launches its biggest Tone Master Pro update yet – including new amps, cabs, and effects

Fender's Tone Master Pro
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Fender has just released the biggest firmware update to its Tone Master Pro floor modeler and multi-effects unit since it was launched last October. 

The update, which extends to its Pro Control desktop app, brings a range of new amps, cabs, and effects to the firm’s flagship modeler. 

The new update (v1.3.74) also sees the introduction of the Fender Pro Control App for iOS and Android. This eagerly-awaited perk means the modeler can now be controlled via phone, making in-depth tone-tweaking far easier on the fly. 

As is often the case with digital amp modelers, editing patches is far easier on supporting apps, so its expansion to phones and tablets is big news and will be gladly met by users. 

Some of what's new in the June 2024 Fender Tone Master Pro update

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There are four new amp simulations to explore, including two new Fender models: A ‘62 Princeton, and a ’65 Deluxe Reverb Blonde NBC (without a Bright Cap). 

There are two amps from outside of Fender’s remit, meaning they can’t be named quite as brazenly, but educated guesses tell us that the Solo 100 Overdrive and Tangerine RV53 are based on the Soldano SLO and Orange Rockerverb MKIII, respectively. 

Its eight new cabinet options are based on Orange, Marshall, and Friedman models, while the additions to its effects lineup perhaps represent the most exciting updates. 

Of those, effects, there’s an Electro Harmonix Big Muff, made famous by the likes of Jack White, Kurt Cobain, and Matt Bellamy, a pedalboard favorite in the Boss SD-1, and the Ibanez Soundtank Echomachine. 

There are also takes on the EHX Small Stone Phase Shifter, Boss DM-2 Delay, J Rockett The Dude Overdrive, and non-branded reverb and filter effects. 

Other features packed into the update include the ability to store patch backups on SD Cards and restore them to the modeler, and the ability to save presets for individual amp/effect blocks. This means they can be easily recalled in other presets, eradicating the bother of repeatedly re-sculpting them. 

Fender's Tone Master Pro multi-effects pedal

(Image credit: Fender)

The amp modeling market has been hotting up in recent years, accelerated by the popularity of Neural DSP’s Quad Cortex, which was released in 2021. 

Since then, Line 6, Kemper, Boss, Mooer, and Zoom are among the brands to have added to its fuel to the fire, vying to be the best multi-effects unit on the market. 

This is the second update the Tone Master Pro has received since its launch last October, with February’s update focused on bug fixes. It’s a positive sign for Fender as it looks to muscle in on the burgeoning market.

See below for the full list of updates and features, as well as a handy guide for installing the update. 

Amp Models

  • ’62 Princeton
  • ’65 Deluxe Reverb Blonde NBC (No Bright Cap)
  • Solo 100 Overdrive
  • Tangerine RV53

Cab Models 

  • 1x10 ’62 Princeton C10R
  • 1x12 ’62 Princeton CS
  • 4x12 Solo G12
  • 4x12 Freeman Greenback
  • 4x12 Bassbreaker V30  
  • 4x12 Tangerine V30
  • 4x12 British V30
  • 4x12 British G65

Effects Models

  • Super Drive
  • Rocket Man
  • Big Apple Fuzz
  • Little Rock Phaser
  • Analog Delay
  • EchoTank
  • Reverse Nebula Reverb
  • Filtron
  • Enigma Filter

 New Features

  • Fender Pro Control App now available for iOS and Android – Supports both phones and tablets.
  • SD Card Backup & Restore – Store up to 25 backups locally on Micro SD card.
  • Block Settings – Allows you to save presets for individual amp/effect blocks and recall them in other presets. The Block Settings will appear in the add/replace menu nested under the factory default block. (5 user block settings slots per model). 
  • EXP Live Mode – When enabled, this will make the preset read the current position of the Expression pedal on preset change. This is useful for global volume by adding a Volume Pedal block to each preset. You must enable Live Mode on each preset for this to work. 
  • User IR Speaker Impedance Curves – This allows you to select an appropriate speaker impedance curve that most closely matches your 3rd party IR. 
  • Global EQ and mixer footswitch control now implemented – Parameter levels displayed on scribble strips and faders can be controlled from footswitch encoders. 
  • External Cab option added to standalone cabinet list – Allows use of Tone Master Pro amp models sent to an external cabinet or IR in the DAW.
  • Songs now allow custom labels for each footswitch.

To download the update and read the full patch notes, head to Fender.

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