“Cut the cables from your rig with 70 feet of wireless freedom and unparalleled signal strength”: Fender enters the wireless system market with the small but feature-packed Telepath

Two Fender Telepath units sit side by side
(Image credit: Fender)

Fender has made its first foray into wireless guitar systems with the Telepath, a small-but-mighty innovation that the company hopes can see it challenge well-established manufacturers.  

As technology improves, the need for bulky systems has steadily declined, as Mooer Audio’s Air P10 can attest, and it’s a mantle Fender is more than willing to take on. 

But despite its unassuming size and looks, the Telepath comes packed with a host of unique features.

Fender is talking up its low latency and “sparkling clarity,” which stretches out some 70m from the transmitter, making it a viable option for even the biggest stages.  

It has also decided to beam its signal across the 5.8GHz frequency band, tactfully keeping away from what it calls the “overcrowded” 2.4GHz waters that many of its now-competitors swim in. 

Most interestingly, though, is its built-in cable tone simulation tech. For those who believe wireless systems sacrifice tonal quality, with cables far superior at preserving an instrument’s signal, it could go a long way in turning the tide. 

Auto pairing technology is also integrated within its tiny housing, which sees the receiver connecting to its transmitter just a few seconds after startup for ease of use. 

Fender's Telepath unit, attached to a Fender guitar

(Image credit: Fe)

The Telepath also features an “articulating input plug” to fit a variety of instruments, from electric guitars to acoustic guitars and basses

Its active/passive switch then takes that a step further to ensure seamless connectivity, however it is to be used.  

Finally, multi-pairing fills up the last millimeters of space to allow players to “swap instruments in seconds without unplugging.” 

Two Fender Telepath units

(Image credit: Fender)

“Cut the cables from your rig,” says Fender, “and enjoy up to 70 feet of wireless freedom with low latency and unparalleled signal strength.” 

The release of the Telepath comes hot on the heels of an announcement that the firm has added a ‘59 Bassman amp to its Tone Master collection of digital amps; the first of its tweeds to be recreated with DSP modeling. 

The Telepath wireless system costs $199.99 – similar in price to the overall winner of Guitar Player's wireless system shootout

Visit Fender for more information. 

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