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EVH Debuts New 5150III 15W LBX-S Amp Head

(Image credit: EVH)

EVH has debuted its new 5150III 15W LBX-S lunchbox amp head.

A blend of the company's LBXI and LBXII creations, this 15-watt monster features a Green clean channel coupled with a Red “full burn” channel for a mix of fantastically detailed, sparkling cleans and ultra-aggressive high-gain sounds.

Packing four JJ ECC83S 12AX7 preamp tubes and two JJ EL84 power tubes, the amp also features dual-concentric gain and volume controls for independent control of each channel, in addition to shared EQ presence and resonance controls.

Elsewhere, the 5150III 15W LBX-S comes with a 1/4-power switch that reduces its output to 3.5 watts, dual parallel speaker output jacks, an effects loop, a one-button footswitch and an internal bias control port.

(Image credit: EVH)

In terms of looks, the amp features a black front panel and black metal grill cage with an EVH-striped motif. As an additional neat touch, the guitar amp comes with internal LED backlighting that illuminates the cage in either green or red to match the selected channel.

The EVH 5150III 15W LBX-S lunchbox amp head will be available starting in October for $699.

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