Eddie Van Halen’s Legacy Continues with 5150 Iconic Amps

EVH 5150 Iconic 80W Head
(Image credit: FMIC/EVH)

Back in 2005, electric guitar god Eddie Van Halen joined forces with Fender to create his own line of pro-quality instruments. And to great acclaim. Since then, the EVH brand has gone from strength to strength while providing rock guitarists with some of the toughest tone machines on the market.

Today, the EVH line continues to expand. 

EVH 5150 Iconic amp 40-watt combo

EVH 5150 Iconic 40-watt 1x12 Combo in Ivory covering (Image credit: FMIC)

The brainchild of principal design engineer and guitar amp wizard James Brown, EVH’s new range of 5150 Iconic amplifiers has evolved from the highly popular 5150III models. Aiming at a more affordable price point than their predecessors, the EVH 5150 Iconic amps appear in two distinct guises: a 40-watt 1x12 combo, and an 80-watt head with matching 4x12 cabinet.

Featuring identical controls both models come decked out in either a Black or Ivory vinyl covering.

EVH 5150 Iconic amp 40-watt combo

EVH 5150 Iconic 40-watt 1x12 Combo in Black covering (Image credit: FMIC)

Priced at $799.99 the EVH 5150 Iconic 40-watt 1x12 Combo is powered by dual JJ 6L6 power tubes and is voiced with a pair of JJ ECC83S preamp tubes. An EVH 12” Celestion speaker allows increased clarity and definition, even with hot, high gain tones dialled in.

EVH 5150 Iconic amp 80-watt head and cab

The EVH 5150 Iconic 80W Head with matching 4x12 cabinet in Ivory covering (Image credit: FMIC)

For those looking for more power, the 5150 Iconic 80W Head is priced at $899.99 and is offered with a matching 4x12 Cabinet costing $499.99 (also fitted with the EVH 12” Celestion model). 

At twice the power of the combo, the 5150 Iconic 80W Head is loaded with four JJ 6L6 power tubes and features the same JJ ECC83S preamp voicing as its sibling. 

EVH 5150 Iconic amp

EVH 5150 Iconic 40-watt 1x12 control panel (Image credit: FMIC)

Both amps feature two foot-switchable channels boasting separate gain and volume controls, along with tone expanding Overdrive and Burn modes for Channel 1 and Channel 2 (respectively). 

An extensive global control layout includes Low, Mid, and High EQ, Resonance, Presence, and Reverb. Additionally, up to 10dB of Boost can be dialled in and added at the touch of a footswitch, while a handy Noise Gate control has been included to tighten things up on Channel 2 if required.

For more details visit the EVH website.

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