Boss Brings Authentic Studio Microphone Sound to Acoustic Amplification for the First Time With Its AC-22LX Acoustic Amplifier

Boss AC-22LX Acoustic Amplifier
(Image credit: Boss)

While there are plenty of great pickup systems out there, most players will agree the natural sound of an acoustic guitar is best captured in a studio environment using top-quality microphones. And as anybody who has ever recorded acoustic guitar knows, microphone placement is crucial.

Done well, the results can be stunningly good. But recreating the same thing on stage is a different beast. Battling with volume and feedback while attempting to retain the guitar’s natural tone can be difficult and often leads to compromises.

So wouldn’t it be great if you could just plug in and instantly get those lush stereo sounds you heard in the studio?

The new Boss AC-22LX acoustic guitar amp is designed just for that. Whether practicing, performing or recording, this 10-watt 2x5 combo recreates those classy studio sonics while offering a plethora of other exciting options such as a built-in looper, customizable Rhythm Box, reverb and chorus effects, XLR mic input, and EQ.

A revolutionary approach in acoustic guitar amplification, the AC-22LX features a variety of modes offering super-realistic and immersive microphone placement simulations.

With their open, airy sound, these Air Feel options recreate tried-and-tested methods used by professional studio engineers for decades, including the XY, AB, ORTF, and mid-side microphone techniques.

Utilizing advanced spatial technology, the Boss AC-22LX’s Air Feel modes take a dull, dry pickup signal and instantly transform it into a world-class stereo sound.

Handling a variety of playing techniques from gentle fingerstyle to heavily strummed chord work, the AC-22LX delivers clear, pristine tones while retaining the character and nuances of your instrument and performance.

Sporting 1/4-inch mono and stereo line outs, users can directly hook up the AC-22LX to front-of-house, an audio interface/recorder, or a livestreaming device, all while taking advantage of the Air Feel’s spacious sound.

A further 1/4-inch rear-panel jack supports up to two footswitches for access to rhythm start/stop and control of the onboard looper. Other functions can be assigned using the AC-22LX Editor app (macOS/Windows/iOS/Android) such as the ability to change reverb types, effect parameters, and more.

In terms of digital connectivity, the AC-22LX’s USB section offers a handy Loopback function for monitoring sounds from a computer, while Bluetooth support is included by way of a Boss BT-Dual Adaptor.

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