Thinking of Upping Your Gig Game in 2023? Check Out LD Systems’ New Dave G4X Series

LD Systems Dave G4X Series
(Image credit: LD Systems)

Staying true to their motto, "Your Sound – Our Mission," LD Systems has announced the release of four new compact PA models for mobile musicians.

Building on the decade-long success of their “Goliath sound” Dave G3 Series, the firm has unveiled the feature-laden Dave G4X Series of compact 2.1 powered PA systems for use on the road.

Guitarists and singer-songwriters have increasingly turned towards a cost-effective gigging solution that puts them in control of their sound, and the Dave G4X Series offers several options based on size requirements.

The LD Systems Dave G4X Series comprises the Dave 18 G4X (4000W/18-inch sub with dual 8-inch satellites); the Dave 15 G4X (2060W/15-inch sub with dual 8-inch satellites); the Dave 12 G4X (1460W/12-inch sub with dual 6.5-inch satellites); and the Dave 10 G4X (680W/10-inch sub with dual 4-inch satellites).

While the 18 G4X, 15 G4X and 12 G4X are available now, the baby of the family is due to arrive early next year.

LD Systems says their new Dave G4X Series has been designed from the ground up and features a lighter, more durable construction.

An integrated 6-channel mixer built into the subwoofer unit sports flexible input options for instrument, microphone and line-level signals. While users do have the option of connecting auxiliary players with a cable you can also stream directly from a device via Bluetooth.

Channels 1 and 2 are recommended for hooking up mics, line-level sources and high-impedance instruments like an acoustic guitar, electric guitar or bass guitar, while stereo line inputs 3 and 4 are suggested for keyboards, synthesizers and drum machines et cetera.

LD Systems says the new Dave G4X Series showcases several important upgrades, including new compression drivers and waveguides “for homogeneous and directional dispersion,” plus FIR filters and state-of-the-art DSP technology “for transparent, coloration-free sound.”

Additionally, the subwoofer has been fitted with a larger voice coil and includes an optimised bass reflex system in order to keep ventilation noise to a minimum.

Visit LD Systems for more information.

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