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Revv Debuts New Generator MKIII Series Amps

Revv Generator MKIII 120
(Image credit: Revv Amplification)

Revv has unveiled its new Generator MKIII series of guitar amps.

Outfitted with a Two Notes Torpedo-embedded stereo XLR output – allowing users to go directly from the amp into a PA system, utilize a twin-tracking stereo doubler, digital reverbs, a virtual cab and mics, and more – the Generator MKIII series amps are the “world’s first stereo-direct-output reactive load and impulse response amplifiers,” Revv says.

Every amp in the Generator MKIII series – which is comprised of the three-channel 100P and 100R and four-channel 120 units – features five 12AX7 and four 6L6GC tubes, dual master volumes, presence and depth knobs, full MIDI programability and a footswitch.

Revv Generator MKIII 100

(Image credit: Revv Amplification)

Elsewhere, the amps also pack channel-specific EQs, built-in noise gates and reverbs, and the ability to scale power down to 10 watts.

The Revv Amplification Generator MKIII Series amplifiers will be available for preorder starting November 12 for $3,299 (for the 120) and $2,699 (for the 100P and 100R).

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