Positive Grid’s New OMNYSS Amp and Effects Collection Offers “Massive Tonal Exploration”

Positive Grid OMNYSS
(Image credit: Positive Grid)

Positive Grid’s intuitive BIAS FX 2 amplifier/effects modeling software provides customizable electric guitar and bass rigs for your computer or mobile device.

From classic to modern amps and stompboxes, the processor can be used as a plug-in or standalone app for practicing, jamming, writing and recording.

BIAS FX 2 already boasts a huge range of tone sculpting options. Now, Positive Grid has expanded the possibilities even further with a new collection of virtual amps and effects called OMNYSS.

OMNYSS is compatible with Mac, PC and iOS, and can be used with any major DAW. 

Powered by BIAS FX 2, OMNYSS comes with BIAS FX 2 LE and is currently available for USD $99 (Mac/PC) and $19.99 (iOS.) 

Existing BIAS FX 2 users can simply add OMNYSS to their amps and effects library. 

Driven by an all-new DSP engine and promising “massive tonal exploration” the new OMNYSS line-up comprises three guitar amplifiers and six effects.

Created with artists, producers and cinematic composers in mind, OMNYSS aims to provide guitar players with a broad scope of creative possibilities from subtle tone coloration to dramatic, otherworldly soundscapes.

Each of the three new amplifiers – Etheria, Aggralith and Viscerus – is paired with a signature ‘blackbox’ synth effect, adding depth and complexity to the sound.

Here’s a quick look at each amp and effects unit, along with a brief description from Positive Grid…



Positive Grid OMNYSS

(Image credit: Positive Grid)
  • ZGate: Engage ZGate to subtly eliminate unwanted noise, or clamp it down for razor-precision. 
  • Cypher Drive: Unlock massive overdrive and carve precision boost tones with six defined attack modes.
  • Cerberus: From complex stereo harmonies to snarling sub-octaves, Cerberus is a polyphonic octave beast. 
  • Dark Matter: Adapts to every range and performance nuance, delivering natural compression and exceptional clarity. 
  • Nebula: The rules of space and time are rewritten. Layer synths, modulation and reverb to expand the sonic universe.
  • Space Piercer: Explore lush studio-quality digital delays and crystalline landscapes. Glitched out or shimmery smooth. 

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