IK Multimedia Unveils the TONEX Pedal

AmpliTube TONEX Pedal
(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

Last year, AmpliTube creators IK Multimedia introduced their advanced AI Machine Modeling technology. 

Said to be “indistinguishable from the real thing,” it allows users to make virtual versions of any rig.

Utilizing artificial intelligence to capture a rig's unique tone, electric guitar players are able to accurately model the sound of any amp, cab or gain pedal within minutes using IK’s TONEX software and minimal gear.

IK Multimedia calls this a Tone Model.

Available for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad, TONEX can be used as a standalone application or as a plug-in with your favorite DAW.

Now, the Italian firm has announced the TONEX Pedal, thus “completing the TONEX ecosystem and bringing AI Machine Modeling Tone Models to any venue for live performance or recording.”

With an ever-increasing number of Tone Models available to choose from (currently in the thousands) users can enjoy the virtual experience of playing some of the best pedals, amps and cabs in the world.

Furthermore, a growing ToneNET online community allows owners to freely share their unique Tone Model creations.

Able to store up to 150 Tone Model presets, Tone Models can be loaded in to the TONEX Pedal via USB.

While the TONEX Pedal features exclusive IK VIR cabinets, you can also load your own custom IRs. 

Incorporating five reverb algorithms, a compressor, a noise gate and extensive EQ control, this groundbreaking unit is a “complete ecosystem of tone.”

Boasting high-end audio specs – notably 24 bit/192kHz operation and a super quiet 123dB noise floor – the TONEX Pedal also functions as an audio interface.

Flexible connectivity includes dual mono or stereo outputs (with or without cab), full MIDI in/out, and an external control jack for hooking up an expression pedal or single switch in order to control any number of parameters with a single action.

A handy 1/4-inch headphone jack is also included.

Visit IK Multimedia for more information.

Rod Brakes

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