CopperSound Drops the Gravity Bomb V2 Booster and Renegade Fuzz

CopperSound Renegade and Gravity Bomb
(Image credit: Coppersound)

Massachusetts tonemonger CopperSound has expanded their acclaimed pedal line with two more stompboxes: the Gravity Bomb V2 booster and Renegade fuzz.

Both units appear in small-format enclosures, feature mechanical true-bypass switching, and are powered by 9-18 volts with increased headroom in mind.

Building on the legacy of its predecessor, the Gravity Bomb Boost and Buffer, the new $129 V2 Clean Boost & Mids Enhancer takes the design forward with the addition of a three-way midrange EQ toggle.

Meanwhile, the $149 Renegade Multi-Bias Fuzz offers Tone Bender MK1.5-style fuzz in tandem with a two-way bias toggle.

Gravity Bomb V2

The Gravity Bomb V2 is a powerful pedal in a pint-sized package, providing up to 20dB of clean boost – enough to pummel any tube amp into breakup.

As per its predecessor, the V2 boasts an audiophile-grade Burr Brown Op Amp. But with extended functionality, courtesy of a midrange-enhancing three-way toggle, a wider range of sounds can be dialed in.

With the toggle in the center position, a flat EQ curve is maintained. In the up and down positions, the boost is focused at 1kHz and 750Hz, respectively.

Such midrange EQ enhancements can allow electric guitars to stand forward in a band mix and are often used when gain stacking pedals.


Derived from the Sola Sound Tone Bender MK1.5, CopperSound describes the sound of their new Renegade Multi-Bias Fuzz as “intense” and “full-bodied.”

Simple in operation, the Renegade features a single master volume knob with which to dial in the right amount of gain.

The toggle switch allows selection of two different bias voltages. Players can choose from either a classic “open” fuzz tone or a more gated sound that produces extra “electric sizzle” as the signal fades.

Like all fuzzes, a certain amount of control can be applied using the guitar’s volume knob.

It's worth noting that CopperSound is currently offering a free active ABY with all orders over $199 while stocks last.

Visit CopperSound Pedals for more information.

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