AmazonBasics Guitar Pedals Are Now Available

AmazonBasics' new line of mini-pedals
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It's well-established that AmazonBasics is a place where you can find everything from charging cables to dog food bowls at startlingly low prices. Now though, the retail giant has – remarkably – dipped its toes into... guitar effects.

First made available this month, AmazonBasics' range of in-house effects units includes Boost, Compressor, Delay, Distortion, Looper, Overdrive and Tuner mini-pedals.

As one would expect by the names of both the pedals and their manufacturer, these units are fairly spartan – outfitted with metal enclosures, true-bypass switching and no more than three controls. 

To address the elephant in the room, given their similarity in design and look to any number of other mini-pedals, (many of which have been sold from Amazon itself) it's safe to assume their circuits are clones.

We will, however, give Amazon originality points for the signal chain demonstrated in the company's accompanying stock photography. Perhaps a read of our guide to pedal order might be of assistance?

AmazonBasics' line of guitar pedals

(Image credit: Amazon)

The AmazonBasics Boost, Compressor, Distortion, Overdrive and Tuner mini-pedals are available now for $26.75, while the Delay and Looper pedals ring up at $48.16 and $46.02 respectively. They each feature 9V DC power-supply operation.

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