PRS Announces New Limited-Edition SE Bernie Marsden Guitar

PRS brings back the former Whitesnake guitarist's signature model for one last limited run.
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PRS has brought back its Limited-Edition SE Bernie Marsden guitar for one final limited run.

This limited run of the former Whitesnake guitarist's signature model will be comprised of 300 guitars in three finishes (100 of each): Vintage Sunburst, Dark Cherry Sunburst and Tobacco Sunburst. This run will also feature a satin neck upgrade.

“Nick, the chief tech at PRS Europe, rubbed back the neck on one of my original Bernie SEs to make it satin and I have to say, whilst I like the original gloss finish, I’ve been playing the satin one quite a bit more, so I’m doubly delighted and proud to see the SE Bernie back again with this upgrade,” Marsden said of the guitar.

The Limited-Edition SE Bernie Marsden is available only in Europe for £699/€799.

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