Watch Malcolm Young Trade Solos with Angus in this Storming Live AC/DC Clip from 1975

AC/DC live in 1975
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On this day, in 1975, AC/DC released their debut album, High Voltage. This seminal long-player differs from the 1976 international release of the same name which comprises tracks taken from the original version and its follow up, T.N.T. (AC/DC's debut and sophomore albums were only available in Australia.)

Though AC/DC were yet to scale the heights of international rock stardom their debut is well worth a visit for any fan. Tracks like “Show Business,” ”Little Lover,” and “She’s Got Balls” (the latter two were included on 1976’s international High Voltage release) were warning shots from a musical force that would soon unleash its full cannonade.

Ultimately, Oz wasn’t big enough to contain AC/DC.

Malcolm Young performing with hard rock group AC/DC at the Marquee Club, London, 12th May 1976.

Malcolm Young performing with AC/DC at the Marquee Club in London, 1976. Note the full compliment of dual Filter'Trons and middle humbucker mod. This Gretsch Jet Fire Bird would soon be stripped to its bare essentials – much like the raw, bare bones rock 'n' roll of the band itself. (Image credit: Michael Putland/Getty Images)

This amazing clip filmed in 1975 just months after the debut High Voltage release shows the band kicking ass as they perform the album's closer, "Show Business."

Already, Angus Young has found his feet as he literally puts his own stamp on the stage while duckwalking around strapped with a Gibson SG (and a satchel, of course.)

Though Malcolm Young is renowned as one of the best rhythm guitarists in music history, it’s nice to see him performing lead duties here. He was also a fantastic lead player who shared much in common with his brother stylistically.

“If Malcolm sits down to play a solo,” said Angus, “he can do it better than me.”

Eagle eyed viewers may notice Malcolm Young’s Gretsch Jet Fire Bird is still sporting its original red finish. This famously modified electric guitar was later stripped and had all pickups but the rear/bridge Filter’Tron removed.

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