Who Needs Black Friday? You Can Get $100 Off Fender Player Plus And $50 Off Player Series Guitars Right Now

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Just when you thought it was too soon for early Black Friday guitar deals to start landing, Fender has only gone and slashed prices on their ever-popular Player series with $100 off Player Plus and $50 off Player series guitars. With models to suit every kind of player from vintage tone lovers to forward-thinking progressive types, it’s the perfect opportunity to get yourself a great guitar for less.

Fender's Player and Player Plus series usually end up being best-selling guitars when Black Friday comes, so it's a prime opportunity to grab one ahead of the rush. These deals are also only available whilst stocks last, so we can see certain models selling out due to their popularity. Once they’re gone, they’re gone so don’t hang around if you’ve had your eye on something new.

Fender Player Plus Series: Get a massive $100 off

Fender Player Plus Series: Get a massive $100 off
We love our Fender Player Plus Tele, so we can personally vouch for the series’ outstanding value for money. With premium features like locking tuners and rolled fingerboard edges they punch well above their weight when it comes to price already, so that $100 discount makes them an even sweeter deal. Fender hasn’t put an end date on this sale, instead once a guitar sells out they’ll be gone, so act fast if you want to grab yourself a steal. 

Fender Player Series: Get a huge $50 off

Fender Player Series: Get a huge $50 off
Probably the most popular mid-level guitars of the last few years, the Fender Player series continues to go from strength to strength thanks to their excellent playability, versatile tones, and exceptional value for money. What could make them better? Well, how about a healthy $50 discount off the regular price to tempt you to add another guitar to your collection? 

We had a look through the sale to see what was what, and a couple of models immediately stood out to us. The Player Plus Nashville Telecaster is an absolutely brilliant guitar, with a gritty sound from its trio of pickups that do a fantastic job of covering both classic Tele twang and the ‘quack’ of a Stratocaster. The $100 discount makes it a tempting prospect indeed, taking the price down from $1,129.99 to $1,099.99.

Next up we looked at the Fender Telecaster HH, which combines the pickup configuration of a Telecaster Deluxe with the simplicity of a regular Telecaster. Unlike a traditional Tele, it’s got 22 frets for added playability in your lead work, whilst a push-pull tone pot gives access to single coil tones when you need it. With the $50 discount the price comes down to just $829.99, making this simple tone machine an absolute bargain. 

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