Vox Unveils New Mini Go Modeling Guitar Amplifiers

Vox Mini Go Amps
(Image credit: Vox)

Vox has unveiled a trio of lightweight, compact combo guitar amplifiers that offer a whole host of amp sounds and effects, courtesy of the company's VET modelling technology.

Said to cover "all bases from practice to live performance", the Mini Go amps vow to deliver a versatile sonic repertoire that can be experienced "at home, on the street, or in a concert venue".

Available in three iterations, the smallest Vox Mini Go 3 features a five-inch, three-watt speaker, while the slightly larger Mini Go 10 features a 6.5-inch, 10-watt speaker. The largest amp of the collection, the Mini Go 50, features an eight-inch, 50-watt speaker.

All three come equipped with a number of realistic amp models based on those found in Vox's Cambridge50. Using the VET modeling technology, the Mini Go amps offer a range of tonal possibilities, including the rich midrange of the legendary AC30, the thick, snarling growl of a 1980s-style stack and the quality cleans of a boutique amp.

Complementing and controlling these sounds are onboard controls for gain, tone and volume, as well as a whole host of built-in effects. Offering chorus, phaser, delay and reverb, each Mini Go promises a hands-on tone-sculpting experience.

Although each Mini Go amp boasts a built-in rhythm machine that can play a total of 33 fully adjustable backing patterns in a variety of genres, a number of extra features are exclusive to the two larger models.

These include an onboard looper function that has up to 45 seconds of recording time available on the Mini Go 10 and 50, and the ability to program three unique amp settings on the Mini Go 50.

Furthermore, the two larger combos have selectable power amp wattage, meaning the amps can be used in any playing environment.

Alongside the combos, Vox has also introduced the VFS3 footswitch, which is compatible with the Mini Go 10 and 50. The footswitch can be used to control a number of functions, including the looper, rhythm machine and effects.

The Vox Mini Go 3, 10 and 50 are available now for $169, $229, and $299, respectively. The VFS3 is sold separately for $69.

For more information, visit voxamps.com.